Join the “Crowd Sourced” Research of Media coverage of the OECD International Survey of Adult Skills

The results of the OECD Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) will be released on October 8th in all the countries that took part in the survey.
There is likely to be a large amount of media attention to these findings and it would be interesting to collect examples of media coverage that could be compared across countries. These examples might include local as well as national media reports in newspapers, broadcast and social media. They could be news or opinion items, such as editorials.
You are invited to post any examples of media coverage you come across to this blog. Simply go to and  add a comment in reply to this post. If you know of other people who might like to join in, please circulate this message to them.
The questions are: How are the PIAAC results being reported and where? For example, which results are focused on: literacy, numeracy and/or problem solving – and which differences in results are highlighted: gender, age, regional, etc.?
  • What kinds of issues are being raised in the media in response to the results?
 Details of the media coverage to share:
As well as your own comments on these questions, please give:
  • the source, date and time and geographical location for each media item you post
  • links to newspaper articles or broadcast programmes
The postings from different countries will be collated at the end of the calendar year 2013 by the Lancaster Literacy Research Centre and an analysis will be carried out by a team led by Mary Hamilton (Lancaster University), Keiko Yasukawa (University of Technology, Sydney) and Jeff Evans (Middlesex University). This analysis will be posted onto the LRC blog site and details circulated to all participating centres, blogs and lists.
We look forward to hearing from you!