David Barton (@DvdBarton)

Julia Gillen (@JuliaGillen)

I am a Senior Lecturer in Digital Literacies. I’m currently writing a book called Digital Literacies (2014, Routledge) and also researching Digital Professionalism in Medical Education and Web 2.0 communications around cricket. By way of a contrast, I’m also examining writing on the Edwardian Postcard.

Mary Hamilton (@mryhmltn)

I am Professor of Adult Learning and Literacy in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University. I am also Associate Director of the Lancaster Literacy Research Centre, Co-director of the Centre for Technology Enhanced learning and a founder member of the Research and Practice in Adult Literacy group.

Uta Papen

Diane Potts

I am Lecturer in Digital Language Learning with research interests in teaching and learning language in digitally-mediated contexts, multilingual pedagogies, multimodal approaches to data analysis, and content-based language education. I have a particular interest in how knowledge is made and remade as it crosses contexts and have worked extensively with teachers in exploring pedagogies that draw on the full scope of students’ semiotic resources. My recent publications include Mediating Multilingual Children’s Language Resources (with MJ Moran) and Language Learning Online as a Social Practice (with David Barton).

Mark Sebba

Karin Tusting (@karinpt)

I am Lecturer in Literacy and Linguistics. I have been part of the Literacy Research Centre for a very long time… I have interests in workplace and bureaucratic literacies, digital literacies, and informal and vernacular learning, especially in communities of practice.

Johann Unger (@johnnyunger)


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