Research Students

The following research students and other staff members are based at Lancaster University and have some ties with literacy studies – Feel free to get in touch!

Mariza Georgalou (@marizopedo)

My research focuses on discursive constructions of identity on social media. I’m particularly interested in issues of place and time identity, professional and educational identity, stance-taking, and privacy in relation to Facebook and Greek users. I’m not based in Lancaster, however I have presented twice at the LRDG meetings.

Hilda Hidalgo Aviles

(MPhil in Applied Linguistics, University of Essex, UK; M. Ed., Universidad La Salle, Mexico; BA in Lenguas Modernas, Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, Mexico)

I have been a full-time teacher at the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo in Mexico since 2001 and was recently promoted as a researcher at the same institution. My research interests include Academic literacy, genre analysis and evaluation.

Alexander David Pask-Hughes (@adpaskhughes)

My research focuses upon the use of social and new media by activists protesting the current Coalition government’s welfare reforms, in particular the extension of work programmes (or “workfare”). I’m interested in extending critical discourse analysis, in combination with insights from literacy studies, to issues relating to political participation, activism, and new media.


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