Liverpool and the Umbrella Revolution, Hong Kong, 2014

On Friday I gave a talk on the Umbrella Revolution at the wonderful Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art in Manchester.  By the way, if you find yourself in Manchester before 12th May, do go and see their exhibition, “Chinternet Ugly”.  It’s a small but vibrant gallery and this multimedia show is provocative and witty.

I was surprised that most of my audience for the talk, Artistic Layers: The Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong in 2014 came from Liverpool.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have been, since I already knew from the data that there was a strong link between Liverpool and the Umbrella Movement in 2014.  My co-authors are Dr Mandy Hoi Man Yu, Gloria Ho Nga Fan and Selena Ho.  They had advised me that an online “Golden Forum” of young professionals and others in Hong Kong were particularly responsible for the Liverpool link. Of course in a far broader sense it is highly significant that the oldest European Chinatown is in Liverpool.

In Hong Kong in 2014 I could see for myself how inspiring the work of John Lennon was, particularly with reference to pacifism and hope.  I hope you enjoy this selection of relevant images below. I’d love to know more about the link between  the Umbrella Movement and Liverpool so if you can help please email