Nun’s Literacy – Medieval to Modern

Call for papers for the annual conference for History of Women Religious of Britain & Ireland that will take place at the University of Glasgow, 29-30 August 2014.

 Deadline for 200 word abstracts is 28 March 2014, more details at

Nuns literacy

Any aspect of literacy & women religious of Britain & Ireland including but not limited to:

•             Reading

•             Writing

•             Learning

•             Textual cultures

•             Book ownership

•             Education of women religious

•             Visual literacy

•             Numeracy

•             Texts written by or read by women religious

•             Latin and vernacular texts

•             Language

•             Communication & exchange of texts

•             Record keeping & governance

•             Letters

•             Map and plan making

•             Musicology

•             Female agency & power

•             Codocology

•             Community libraries

•             Acts of reading and writing

•             Community texts

•             Printing

•             Craft & creation

•             Stereotypes of women religious & literacy 



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Mary Hamilton is Professor of Adult Learning and Literacy in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University. She is Associate Director of the Lancaster Literacy Research Centre Co-director of the Centre for Technology Enhanced learning and a founder member of the Research and Practice in Adult Literacy group.

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