Digital Literacy Webinar: Textual Practices in the New Media Digital Landscape – Messing with Digital Literacies

 Join Mary Hamilton, Lesley Gourlay and Mary Lea this Thurs 11am for the IOE / JISC / ALT Webinar on Digital Literacies, please RT:

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This webinar is based on a paper due to appear in a special issue of the Journal of Research in Learning Technology, arising from the significant, exhilarating but sometimes also uneasy and difficult conversations across disciplinary areas that are provoked when scholars researching digital learning technologies meet those working from a literacy studies tradition. These conversations are part of the effort to understand the significant shifts in practices of communication, learning and meaning-making that are currently taking place.

In the session Mary Hamilton, Mary Lea and Lesley Gourlay will review some key differences, tensions, problematics and debates between the two traditions of literacies and learning technologies research. They will marshal arguments about the importance of looking carefully at how these two traditions intersect and what each brings to our understanding of learning and meaning-making. They will suggest that the key elements from the critical theoretical tradition of literacy studies should be integral to discussions of new media and new learning. Further, the terms “literacy” (and “literacies”) need to be carefully reconsidered in relation to these discussions since it is constantly being parted from its root meanings and used in multiple, confusing ways.

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About maryh

Mary Hamilton is Professor of Adult Learning and Literacy in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University. She is Associate Director of the Lancaster Literacy Research Centre Co-director of the Centre for Technology Enhanced learning and a founder member of the Research and Practice in Adult Literacy group.

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