Open access journal??

I asked a colleague for suggestions of an open access journal for publishing an article in the online language/ digital literacies area. I mentioned Language@Internet, which she hadn’t really heard of and she mentioned First Monday, which I hadn’t really heard of. Language@Internet is definitely about language, it has published some good papers and I recognise many of the members of the editorial board, but it doesn’t seem very active at present. To find out about First Monday I’ve just spent one of those distracting hours when you forget what you were intending to do, discover a mine of new ideas, speed read 6 different articles at once and are led off into 10 different directions. Then, an hour later I have 25 tabs open and no idea how to make notes on anything nor how to store these different sites and links!

First Monday is broadly about all aspects of the internet, but it is surprising how many articles have a language dimension. Top of my essential reading pile is the special issue from March 2013 on Understanding Social Media Monopolies.  For both journals I have no idea of the extent of their readership or of their impact.

Any views or suggestions of other open access journals?? Thanks.


1 thought on “Open access journal??

  1. I’ve come across First Monday before (and Language@Internet of course). It is quite widely cited – articles from it are often mentioned on the AOIR list. I find it tends to lean towards sociology/communication studies.

    I’ve found Language@Internet a little disappointing over the past year or so, mainly because It is only sporadically updated. Saying that, Georgakopoulou (2004), Herring (2007) and – in particular – Androutsopoulos (2008) are constant reference points for me.

    Using Google Scholar as a crude measure, articles from First Monday seem to get many more citations than those from Language@Internet.

    I would recommend printing the First Monday articles to PDF files though, as they’re easier to store/search/note-take then.

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